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Too often, it seems our voice isn’t being heard in Albany. State Senator Alexis Weik listens. She’s standing up for our values—and she’s getting results.

Alexis went to Albany promising to cut taxes. She helped restore the STAR property tax rebate checks, cutting income tax rates for middle class families and, when gas prices soared, putting an extra strain on Long Island families, she led the fight to lower the state gas tax, lowering prices at the pump.

As part of a law enforcement “family”—both her son and husband served as police officers—Alexis fought back against defund-the-police politicians, and called for changes to the dangerous bail laws that made our communities less safe.

Alexis spoke out against useless mandates and helped reopen our schools and businesses, getting New Yorkers back to work—and back to normal.

To Alexis Weik, Long Island is home. In Albany, she’ll never stop standing up, speaking out and fighting for us. She’s our voice in state government, and she’s getting results.

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